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Plancha cooking : How to cook potatoes on the plancha.

Are you holding back on using your stainless steel plancha to cook potatoes, fearful that they will stick to the plate? Here's our chef's tip for great sautéed potatoes and stir-fry success every time.

Selecting and preparing the potatoes

For plancha grilling, use firm-fleshed potatoes that hold up well during cooking.
Before cooking: peel the potatoes, cut them, rinse with clean water and drain.

Cooking potatoes on the stainless steel plancha

Before cooking: without adding any fat, preheat your plancha to 200 °C (or 2/3 power for gas griddles). Check that the plate is at the right temperature by sprinkling a few drops of water onto it. If the water drops sizzle on top of the stainless steel: you’re good to go!

i > Sprinkling drops of water is an easy way check whether the ideal temperature for stainless steel cooking has been reached. Heat your plancha to 2/3 power and once the plate is hot, add a drop of water and watch what happens. If the water drop bubbles and evaporates, then plate is not hot enough; If the water drop rolls over the plate, the plancha is at the ideal temperature for cooking.

  • Grease the stainless steel plancha plate with a mixture of oil and butter.
  • Add the pre-prepared potatoes.
  • Once the potatoes start to brown, stir and lower the temperature to 100 °C.
  • Finish cooking at 100 °C on the stainless steel plancha.

Chef’s tip : the potatoes brown once starch is neutralised. This means that, as soon as you notice them start to brown, you can give the potatoes a stir: they won’t stick to the plate.

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