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BBQ or plancha, why choose?

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BBQ or plancha, why choose.

The Duo K combines a real plancha griddle-plate and an electric barbecue in a single appliance.

The 2-in-1 combination provides two separate cooking zones: A plancha cooking zone on a stainless steel plate with a power of 1,800 W and a barbecue cooking zone on an enamelled cast steel plate with added power of 1,700 W..

Very easy to use, with the Duo K, you can make all of your recipes using a single appliance. With two controls, the two thermostats are easy to adjust up to 300 °C and you can adapt the heat temperature to different foods cooked.

The cooking waste collector is located under the barbecue grill and collects the juices from both cooking zones.

The benefits of the device

Griddle guaranteed 5 years

Smokeless cooking

Genuine BBQ cooking

2 in 1

2 year warranty

10-year repairability

Outdoor use

What makes the difference


Elegant, functional two-colour design: heating element housed under the cooking grill, away from grease.


The unique combination of a great stainless steel plancha and a cast iron barbecue.


An appliance designed to be easy to maintain: the juices flow into the food waste collector, the stainless steel plate should be cleaned with water after use and the cast steel grill can go in the dishwasher.


An appliance designed using strong materials, used in the professional world.

Maintenance advice

Barbecue zone

Leave the grill to cool for at least an hour before cleaning it. The enamelled cast iron grill is removable. Remove the grill from the appliance to clean it. Scrape the grill with the stainless steel cleaning brush to remove cooking waste. If any deposits are still stuck to the grill, soak it in soapy water before continuing to clean it or placing it in the dishwasher.


Plancha zone

uick and easy to clean with water. The stainless steel plate may be cleaned immediately after you have cooked your meal: stainless steel is very easy to clean when it is still hot. Maintaining it could not be quicker if it is done immediately after using the plancha.

  1. For completely safe cleaning, the plancha must be switched off and the power lead unplugged if an electrical appliance.
  2. With a stainless steel spatula, scrape the plate to remove coarse cooking waste.
  3. With the plate still hot, pour water or throw ice onto it. The thermal shock caused will remove any juices remaining. Leave to work for a few minutes and remoisten if necessary.
  4. With the spatula, scrape the plate and remove any watery juices.
  5. Rub the plate with an abrasive pad.
  6. Rinse with clean water using a soft sponge.

In pictures







1700 + 1800 W


24 kg


70 × 50 × 25 cm

Zones de cuisson






Frame material

Stainless steel

Plate material

Stainless steel

Grill material

Enamelled cast steel

Cooking zones


Plancha cooking surface

43 x 35

BBQ cooking surface

40 x 25


220-240 V


IPX4 certified appliance for outdoor use

Barbecue cooking zone

1 removable enamelled cast steel grill, food-safe.

1 thermostat adjustable up to 300 °C

1 heat light

Power of 1 700 W

Plancha cooking zone

Stainless steel cooking plate, food-safe

1 thermostat adjustable up to 300 °C

1 heat light, which go out when the temperature is reached

Power of 1 800 W


Removable stainless steel back

2 separate cooking zones


The cooking plate comes with 10-year warranty

The cooking grill comes with a 5-year warranty

2-year warranty