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Réf. ABG1

Stainless steel brush

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The essential for cast iron plates.

The stainless steel cleaning brush is ideal for the maintenance of enamelled cast iron plates of barbecues.

It removes grease from the plate and keeps the electric barbecue in good condition.
Its ergonomic plastic handle allows a good grip while cleaning the grills.

Advice for use on the electric barbecue grill

Cleaning the electric barbecue grills with the stainless steel brush

The stainless steel brush is used on a cold grill, after using the electric barbecue. Scrub the grill with the stainless steel cleaning brush to remove any residue. If the grill is dirty, it is advisable to soak it in water to facilitate cleaning.

Cleaning the grill is recommended after each use of your electric barbecue. It ensures the proper functioning and safety of the appliance.



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Stainless steel bristles, plastic handle