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Réf. ALIM70

90 ml stainless steel crepe ladle

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The perfect ladle to dose the crepe batter.

The Krampouz welded ladle consists of two parts welded together at one end of the handle. It is suitable for home use.

To make sure you choose the right ladle, consider these two criteria: the diameter of the crepe maker and the type of crepes you make. Indeed, buckwheat crepe batter is thicker than wheat flour batter: this means that a ladle with a greater capacity is required..

We recommend a 90 ml capacity ladle for making wheat flour crepes on a 40 cm diameter crepe maker or buckwheat crepes on a 35 cm diameter crepe maker.

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Advice on use and maintenance

How to choose the capacity of a crepe ladle

The ladle capacity you choose will depend on the diameter of your plate and the type of batter you use:

  • ⌀ 35 cm: 70 ml ladle (wheat flour batter) or 90 ml ladle (buckwheat batter)
  • ⌀ 40 cm: 90 ml ladle (wheat flour batter) or 125 ml ladle (buckwheat batter)
  • ⌀ 48 cm: 125 ml ladle


Wash the stainless steel ladle in soapy water before using it for the first time, and then after each use.




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