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Seasoning, greasing and wiping pad

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A convenient and hygienic solution.

Developed by Krampouz, the pad for crepe maker offers a very hygienic solution for seasoning the machined cast iron plate, as well as for greasing and wiping the plate on your appliance.

Its design even lets you spread the oil across the plate without leaving any residue of grease from one usage to the next. Cleaning the pad is easy with a sponge and you can rinse the sheets in clean water after use.

Insert one to three sheets into the stainless steel base and secure in place with just a twist of the handle.

The pad comes with 3 sheets.

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The benefits of the device


Easy to clean

Advice on use and maintenance

The pad for crepe maker can be used in three ways: to season, grease and wipe the cast iron plate.

  1. Using the pad to season the crepe maker plate
    A newly machined cast iron plate for the crepe maker requires a procedure known as seasoning to give it its natural non-stick property. This procedure consists of cooking off a thin layer of oil whilst the plate is very hot and then repeating this operation several more times. Using the pad, you can spread the oil evenly when you are seasoning the plate on your crepe maker.
  2. Using the pad to grease the crepe maker plate
    The pad is recommended for greasing your crepe maker plate before cooking crepes and whilst making them.
  3. Using the pad
    The pad is recommended for wiping off any crepe batter residue that builds up on the plate in between making each crepe.
    Clean the pad with a moist sponge after each use.



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Stainless steel and plastic

Devices compatibility

All crepe makers except the non-stick plate

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