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18 cm round crepe spreader

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The spreader or “rozell” in Breton.

It is a must-have accessory for making nice round thin crepes on the plate of your crepe maker. The round wooden spreader is easy to handle and is recommended for beginners.

The spreader size you choose will depend on the diameter of your plate. The bigger the plate, the wider the spreader needed.

A round 18 cm spreader is recommended for crepe makers that are 35 cm or 40 cm in diameter.


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Advice on use and maintenance

How to choose the right size of pancake spreader

The spreader size you choose will depend on the diameter of your plate:

  • ⌀ 35 cm: 18 cm spreader
  • ⌀ 40 cm: 18 cm or 20 cm spreader
  • ⌀ 48 cm: 20 cm or 22 cm spreader


Wash the crepe spreader with clean water before using it for the first time, and then after each use.

To fix the handle to the spreader, assemble both parts and leave them to soak before first use. The water will penetrate both parts and join them together.
In between making each crepe, set the crepe spreader into a water tray and frequently remove any batter residue from the flat end.

The technique for spreading crepe batter differs depending on the shape of the spreader chosen: learn the right moves from the video below: “different techniques for spreading crepe batter”.



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18 cm



Shape of the spreader