Electric Topping warmer

Krampouz topping warmer keeps toppings warm for easier crepes, waffles, ice cream coating.

Krampouz topping warmer comes with a 1L bottle with a 3 spouts lead.

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Keeps the preparations warm

Keeps the preparations warm

Adjustable thermostat

Adjustable thermostat

Product details

Technical characteristics :

• Stainless steel frame
• Thermostatic controls
• On/Off switches
• Power supply lead for 220-240 V ~ 16 amp socket
Included in the pack: 1 plastic bottle of 1L with a 3 spouts lead

Advices for using :

Be sure to pour into the bottle only the amount of preparation needed to provide a service of maximum of two hours.
• ABM2 must not be heated above 60°C.
ABM2 bottles are not intended for storage. After each service (maximum two hours), they must be emptied of excess preparation and then cleaned.

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