Dedicated to domestic users

Cleaning the plancha plate after each use

Quick and effortless cleaning in 6 steps

The stainless steel plate can be cleaned right after you cook your meal: stainless steel is very easy to clean when it is still hot. This makes cleaning as fast as can be when you do it right after using the plancha.

  1. For your safety whilst cleaning, the plancha must be switched off and the cord unplugged if it is an electrical appliance.
  2. Using a stainless steel spatula, scrape the plate to remove the larger cooking deposits.
  3. Whilst the plate is still hot, pour over some water or add ice cubes. The thermal shock this causes will help to lift off any remaining juices. Leave it to work for a few minutes if your plate has a build-up of deposits and moisten again if necessary.
  4. Using the spatula, scrape the plate and lift off the watered-down juices.
  5. Rub the plate with a stainless steel scrubber.
  6. Rinse with clean water and a soft sponge.

Sometimes, you will want to finish cleaning the plate with some white vinegar to remove any residual odours.

We recommend that you clean the frame regularly with a damp sponge to stop any salty residues causing corrosion.

To help your plancha last for years and keep its shine, it should be cleaned immediately after each use.

i > Do not use chlorine-based products as these can corrode the stainless steel.

Watch our video tutorial on how to clean our stainless steel planchas.

Cleaning and maintaining other plancha components


The stainless steel frame of the plancha is cleaned with a damp sponge. You can also use white vinegar.

Cooking residue drip tray

This stainless steel tray is used to collect cooking residues and juices. It must be emptied and cleaned after each use in the dishwasher or hand washed.

Storing the plancha

In between uses, the plancha can be kept outdoors and through the summer on your patio. The protective lid and outdoor cover shield the appliance from external damage: wind, dust, insects, etc.

When in storage for an extended period, our recommendation is to keep the plancha in a dry and sheltered place where it will not be damaged. Ensure that you protect your appliance from dust – it is best to use a cover.

i > If after a few months of winter storage, your gas plancha will not light, then it is possible that an insect or spider web is obstructing the burners or venturis. If necessary, clean off any residues found.