Breton lobsters flamed with lambic

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  • Difficulty easy
  • Number of persons 4
  • Preparation / cooking time
  • Cost €€ €€€€€
  • 2 Breton lobsters 800g to 1 kg each
  • 20 cl Lambic (apple brandy )
  • 2 large tablespoons of heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Kari Gosse
  • Salt of Guerande
Recipe realized with the follow Krampouz product :

-Place the lobsters on a board with juices recuperator. Using a strong, sharp knife, cut the live lobsters in the lengthwise. First, planting the knife in the middle of the head at eye level in order to kill lobsters (if it moves again it is only nervous reflex). Finish with the tail. Remove the intestine. Remove the claws and using a mallet, splitting each segment without crushing them.

-Using a teaspoon, recover the coral and the clear and creamy part which are in the head, taking care to remove the pocket gravel. Place them in a small stainless steel pot. Add the liquid from the recuperator the juices, a pinch of salt and a pinch of Kari Gosse. Mix with a whisk. Set aside.

-Wait until the griddle is hot. First cooking the clamps on the griddle for 5 min. Add the half- shell lobsters side for 15 minutes. Using a brush, oil the lobster meat and salt. Return the claws and half lobsters, cook for 10 minutes.

-Set aside claws and half lobster shell side in a covered dish with aluminum foil next to the griddle.

-Pour the lambic in a second small stainless steel saucepan and heat on the plancha. Once alcohol shuddered ignite. Water lobsters with half the alcohol.

-On the griddle, heat the pan containing the coral lobster; add the rest of lambic, the cream and whisk until getting a smooth sauce.

-Fill the half head of the lobsters with the sauce; pour the rest in a sauceboat.

-Serve the lobsters nicely presented on the plate with the sauce alongside.

Bon appétit !