Choose your waffle maker

tip | Waffle maker

When choosing a waffle maker you should take into account the following issues


Check out the compatibility of your waffle machine with your current and socket.

  • Opening system choice :
    • 90°opening : The cheapest from the range. They can be used to cook the batter but they are generally advised to warm up precooked waffles.
    • 180°opening : They are mainly used to cook waffles. As the irons tip up, the liquid batter is perfectly distributed on both sides and the cleaning is easy.
    • Swivel waffle irons : The advantages are the same as for the 180°opening machines. They are recommended for an intensive production : the irons turn upside down; the waffle machine becomes easier to handle and thus more comfortable to use.
  • Waffle type choice : Depending on the countries, some waffle types are more used than others. In France, we mainly use the 4x6B type to make the rectangular Brussels waffles (from a liquid batter), and the 4×7 L type to make the oval Liege waffles (from a bowl batter).
  • How to use your waffle iron : Each machine contains a waffle pick, a greasing brush and instructions including recipes and advice on how to use and to clean it.