Choose your crepe maker

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When choosing a crepe maker you should take into account the following issues :

  • Standards : Check with standards are applicable in your country as well as the type of energy available and authorized. (There are two standards, CE and UL).
  • Gas choice : Temperature rises rapidly. The cost of energy is sometimes cheaper. The cylinder of gas allows more autonomy.
  • Electric choice : The working atmosphere is cooler. Easy and comfortable use. Do not forget to check the voltage (230 – 400 or 110 Vac) as well as the power of your socket (10 – 16 or 20 amps) when selecting your machine.
  • Machined cast iron : The traditional cast iron plate needs to be seasoned before use. This involves applying several coats of oil at regular intervals. It will make crepes easier to remove and will reduce bubbling when the batter comes in contact with the heat. The machined cast iron plate is suitable for intensive use.
  • Enameled cast iron : The enameled cast iron plate does not require seasoning. It is ready to use. To begin cooking, simply grease the plate slightly and your crepes will come away easily. Grease only when necessary. N.B.: The enamel coating and the irregular rim are not compatible with the spreader kit.
  • Standard ranges : These crepe makers are the cheapest. The gas models can be used without any time limit. The electric models are recommended for occasional use.
  • Luxury range : These crepe makers are advised for a regular or a repeated and intensive use, particularly for the electric version. They are more powerful and have several technical advantages.



Accessories choice :

Our advice :

– The abrasive stone to clean the griddles

– The cleaning pads and spare felts to grease and clean the griddles

– The 18 or 20 cm spreader

– The 40 cm wooden spatula or the 30 – 35 cm stainless steel spatulas

– The Ø 7 and 8 cm stainless steel ladles

– Try also : The patented and easy batter spreader. (for Ø 35 and 40 cm crepe makers, standard and luxury ranges)

  • How to use the crepe maker: Each crepe maker contains instructions including recipes and advice on how to use and to clean it.
  • Training : For people willing to practice and learn more about crepes, it is possible to attend a class in a special school. For further details, please contact us.